USA made Pagoda Vents were developed by artisan engineers with sound engineering, nature, sensible economics and beautiful landscapes in mind.

The Pagoda Vent mission was then and remains today to replace unsightly septic vents that are common to residential and commercial landscapes with Pagoda Vents.


- Produce and offer only products that we believe in.

- Customer satisfaction is foremost.

- Engaging local people and businesses is essential.

- Make choices that contribute to a healthy planet.

- Products must meet the highest quality standard.

- All-star customer care and service is paramount.

Founded in 2008 by Scott and Liz Dupre.  With this duo you could have seen Pagoda coming. Scott’s background in mechanical and electrical engineering, his hands on experience with metals and welding combined with more than a decade in the wastewater industry and Liz’s background in civil engineering, her double decade career in the on-site wastewater industry and land planning, along with her passion for art, design and creative endeavors set the stage for the Pagoda Vent, a true grassroots company.

The Pagoda Vent Company attends and is represented at various trade shows.


All kinds of goodness.

The Pagoda Vent company acts responsibly to contribute to a sustainable strong future locally, to a healthier planet and to the aesthetic pleasures of living.

We go local first! We help to build a sustainable local economy by support through promotion and contracting with locally owned businesses, independent people and manufactures that help us produce and move our products and that help manage our company and assist our customers. Keeping it local also helps us minimize our carbon footprint.

Pagoda Vents replace the use of environmentally toxic Polyvinyl Chloride “candy cane” style vents in our environment and other PVC products with products made of recycled aluminum. Pagoda Vent support a healthy environment by omitting the use of toxic materials in our coating process and by intentionally choosing non-toxic, recyclable raw materials to make our products. In the manufacturing process we also choose an environmentally friendly coating process. The rugged, high quality, exterior paint products we use produce ZERO VOC’s. Our lighter weight materials and local manufacturing further reduces our overall carbon footprint by minimizing our shipping weights and distance of travel.

Pagoda Vent is a northern New England based company.

Pagoda Vents are manufactured in New Hampshire, assembled and shipped from Maine. Headquarters are in Maine. The Pagoda Vent™ line of products are proudly made in the USA and manufactured using recycled materials as well as safe coating materials and processes. Pagoda Vents™ are sealed with a durable outdoor powder coat finish. Pagoda Vents are light weight, rust free, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Pagoda Vent Company explores and is positioning to expand its product line. We take every opportunity to improve upon what works. In 2010 Pagoda introduced the sleek Pagoda Odor Filter Cartridge a big step up from the filter sock. In 2014 we embarked on a nationwide promotional campaign to spread the word about this revolutionary new product in the marketplace. We continue to align our outreach as well as invest in new product research and development.