Septic systems are healthier and last longer with proper venting

Questions and Answers

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Frequently asked Questions & Answers

What do you mean by “healthier septic systems through venting”?

Leach fields are loaded with aerobic (oxygen loving) bacteria that are working to clean the wastewater. These bugs require an oxygen rich environment to thrive. Venting with Pagoda™ provides a direct source of fresh air to the subsurface septic system providing those “bugs” the oxygen they require to function at their best.

Does the Pagoda Vent™ effect how my septic tank works?  

In addition to supporting a healthy leach field, the passive treatment technology feature of the patented Pagoda Vent™ effects the septic tank. Without proper ventilation concrete septic tanks that may tend to corrode from the build up gases. Pagoda Vent™ provides a healthy exchange of fresh air through the septic tank supporting the lasting structural integrity of the tank.

Should I purchase my Pagoda Vent™ with an odor reducing Pagoda™ Odor Filter Cartridge?

If you have an odor problem then yes. If you do not have an odor problem then you do not need one.  

The Pagoda Vent™ can be installed with or without the filter cartridge inserted.  It can be easily added after initial installation. The Pagoda™ Odor Filter Cartridge is easily installed and replaced.  It slides right inside the Pagoda, invisible from sight, it is not an unsightly add on.

How long will my Pagoda Odor Filter Cartridge last?

The Pagoda Odor Filter Cartridge is packed with septic odor eating media and useful life varies depending on the strength and volume of air moving through the cartridge. Under normal household operating conditions the Pagoda Odor Filter Cartridge should last a number of years.

I support GREEN business, what is The Pagoda Vent™ Company doing to be a GREEN business?

Pagoda Vent™ Company improved the original Pagoda™ product line in 2009 with a deliberate emphasis on green materials and green manufacturing processes. Pagoda™ products are now made using recycled materials and we utilize a ZERO VOC air emission coating process. Pagoda products are not made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

The new line of earth friendly Pagoda™ products are light weight reducing Pagoda’s carbon footprint during transport.

Pagoda employs people and businesses locally.

Will my Pagoda™ fade in the sun or get weathered?

Pagoda products are manufactured to be rust proof, durable and earth friendly. Manufactured using an exterior powder coating process that is state-of-the-art.  The exterior powder coat used is durable and made specifically for use outdoors.

What size do I need?

Replace your existing vent with a Pagoda Vent™ that is the same height you have now.

Don’t have one? You can always ask a local installer, septic design engineer or local sanitary department official what they recommend or if there are any local or state requirements.

TIP: To learn more on-line about your states on-site septic system rules and vent requirements search HERE.  

I was told not to cut off my septic system vent by my septic system contractor.  

Well ‘don’t cut off your septic system vent’ is good advise unless you plan on replacing it with a Pagoda™! We would agree removing the vent with no replacement is not a good idea.

But now there is an affordable and good looking replacement option available to the public, the Pagoda™! So go ahead, cut off that unsightly vent and replace it with the good looking Pagoda Vent™.