Terms & Conditions

The Pagoda Vent™ Company is not responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage related to your use of this site or our products. Pagoda Vent Co. does not guarantee a specific useful life of your Pagoda Vent or Pagoda Odor Filter Cartridge. Pagoda Vent Co. does not guarantee or protect your purchase from normal or extraordinary use and wear. Pagoda Vent Co. is not responsible for customer compliance with specific venting requirements that may apply to individual applications. Your septic system vent may be subject to regulatory compliance based on individual state and local regulations or design requirements. State and local regulations or by-laws vary.  Check with your local sanitarian, septic design engineer, local health department or state regulators for details. Compliance with regulations is the responsibility of the user, not the Pagoda Vent™ Company.

It is harmful to hit or bang into your Pagoda™ products with hard or sharp objects as it may cause damage to the product.

Terms, conditions and rates subject to change anytime without notice.