Pagoda Vent Company produces quality septic vents and odor filters  that are effective, environmentally friendly and attractive in the landscape. We are committed to the use of local materials, people, and businesses. Learn more!

Love your yard again with a Pagoda Vent.

Add the optional, long lasting odor filter cartridge and eliminate septic odors from the air.

Very Zen, ornamental septic vents.

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Replace unsightly vents and eliminate odor.


Shop the Pagoda Vent Store. Pagoda Vents enrich our landscape and keep our septic systems healthy. Pagoda Vents come in various heights and colors. All Pagoda Vents can be fitted with an optional odor filter cartridge that eliminates nasty septic odors and sits 100% concealed in the Pagoda Vent. Nothing to see but a perfectly attractive ornamental yard accent that blends seamlessly into your landscape.

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Pagoda Vents are more than just a pretty face.

Pagoda Vents keep your septic system functioning at its best. Pagoda Vents are connected to underground systems that require oxygen. The microbial bugs that are breaking down your wastewater, eating up all the pollutants are aerobic bugs. They need oxygen to survive and thrive! Additionally, the concrete tanks also need an escape route for toxic gases so they don’t corrode. Pagoda Vents do more than look good, they help septic systems function at their best, helping them to last longer too.

Pagoda Vents were developed by engineers that have been working in the wastewater industry for decades. They are designers that understand how septic systems function best and are sensitive to the providing the most aesthetic results possible.

We bought a 3’ Pagoda Vent which we installed this weekend. You can barely see it, which is exactly what we wanted to do, get rid of the old green candy cane. Our new Pagoda Vent blends in with the trees! It looks fabulous!